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Register To My Life Now Retirement Plans Account

Planning for retirement is essential and that should begin at an early age when the income flow is regular. If people start saving at an early age and that too in a retirement plans, at the age of retirement, he will be left out with a huge capital. The retirement plans are designed in such a way that an individual will invest some amount of his income every month. It is the company`s responsibility to role the money. The financial institution has a plan which is mapped into a chart. The chart gives a rough idea about the amount incurred by the deposit in a certain time.

How To Register?

First visit the official site .The registration process is pretty simple and follows a series of steps. If you are a registered user then you need to:

  • Enter the Social Security Number or the User ID to sign into your account.
  • Enter the pin to validate your account

You can now choose your plans and pay the amount by online transfer or by card transactions and generate the receipt.

If one is not a registered user, then he needs to register himself. The registration process is simple and hassle free. One needs to enter:

  • His SSN
  • Date of birth

The date of birth should be in the mm/dd/yyyy format where the first two digits will be for months, the next two for day and the last four for year.

Things To Be Done:

  • Dashes should not be used while entering the SSN.
  • If a user id is being generated, SSN should not be used for logging in.
  • The PIN remains the same, even if the account is being accessed by phone.

Resetting Password:

  • The tab “reset your pin” in the login page guides a user to reset his password.
  • Clicking on that a series of questions will be asked which includes the user id, DOB and SSN.
  • After authentication, the user will be allowed to change his pin.
  • Apart from following the instructions and doing it online, and user can call up the Voice Response system and do it.

Supported Browsers

Get register to get your retirement plans from any of these browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0
  • Firefox – Current versions
  • Google chrome – Current Versions
  • Safari- Current Versions

Pros And Cons

The Advantages Are:

  • The process being online can be easily tracked.
  • Latest status can be easily seen at the site after log in.

The Disadvantage Are:

  • Losing the user ID will make the login painful, as one need to call up the voice response system and then get it, to log into the system.

About Website:

The brand operates under New York Life providing financial solutions. They have a lot of investment schemes and other insurances among which is the retirement plan. Any individual can save a certain amount for his retirement with these plans.