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Join Barclaycard, Send Application To Earn Priority Club® Points

If you are interested in earning points and rewards and want to forward application for it then you can see the steps as given below.


  • For getting started to the process in which you can get the Priority Club® points you must have the provision of internet with you because all the activities of the process will be done online. For the details about the company and any other service or cards you can go to the official web site of the company. You can follow the link as given for this purpose. .
  • On the homepage click on “Credit Card” tab over the page and find many card option but search out here “Earn Priority Club® points on all your spend” and click on “Find Out More”.
  • On the home page see the button “Apply Now” button by glancing on the benefits and terms and condition to apply here.
  • After getting the resulted page of the above mentioned link, you can see some text fields to be filled out. First you will have to complete the section of your personal details.
  • In the first field, enter your Priority Club Rewards number which is a unique number containing 9 digits. After entering the correct rewards number, then enter your personal details, like you name, your title with your last name and middle name. After this give the details about your gender and then enter your date of birth.
  • Next you will be moved to the field where you will have to enter your nationality details. Give the name of your country or else select the option below if you are a resident of United Kingdom of not.
  • In the fields below, you will be required to enter your address details. Give the name of your property and also enter its number in the relevant boxes. Also you are required I the below fields to enter the time span from which you are living in the address which you have mentioned in the above fields.
  • After completing the entire page with accurate information, you will be required to enter the button in the right corner of the page named as “Next” so that you will be given next page to be filled out. Keep in mind that all the fields on the page are necessary to be filled.
  • On the next page, you will be required to give financial details about you, regulatory information and some other necessary details required to the company.
  • Get regulatory information and by completing all the process send your application to the company.

About Company:

Company has done allot for making the life of their customers better. The company is issuing the cards and also many other advantageous on this so that the customers can experience well formed solutions.