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Join Bank Of America To Apply My New Card

When it comes to the financial firms of United States, the Bank of America is most leading and the most efficient banks, which is also a appendage of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The bank offers the facility to its clients of availing the special offers and information online. This facility has made it really easy for the people, as they do not always have to go to the bank even if they just need to get some details. In this online facility it is ensured that all your information that you may provide is kept secured. One of the facilities that bank is currently providing is the My New Card. The customers of the bank can avail the offer and get the benefits. The bank enables you to do a lot with your bank accounts such as managing it, online transactions and much more.

Steps To Apply Card:

  •  The first step is to visit their official page, at , you can do this either through your internet web browser or any of the search engines.
  • The main page will be displayed and you will be required to enter your secure code  & zip code in the given fields.
  • Then hit on the button “Continue” to move on the next steps.
  • Now come after the next given instructions to finish the online card activation process.
  • Check the privacy policy carefully and in case you need more information, you can refer to the help that you can find on the website.


  • For the online application to activate the My New Card, your personal secure code and zip code is required.
  • You may get the personal code and the zip code via mail from the bank.

About Bank:

The bank, founded in 1998 and whose history goes back to 1904, is one of the leading and the most popular multinational financial and banking firm in United States. It is the 2nd leading bank with respect to the assets and the fifth largest bank with respect to the revenues. They share a strong bond with their clients and to strengthen that bond they offer many useful facilities and offers for its clients to avail.