Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Enroll In The Bank Of America Services

Bank of America is also one of the best banking service providers in this date; they are doing a good job at giving their clients with all the services required by them which is a good sign of dedication and reliability. Bank of America is no different from all the national banks of America who are keenly providing their online services to their clients so that they can take the advantage of all their services.

How To ‘Enroll’ In The Bank Of America Services?

The following steps will guide you through all the registration procedures:

  1. The URL for the official website of the Bank of America is ; you will find the option of ‘Enroll now’ over the header.
  2. By clicking the text, you will be navigated to another page @ that will give you briefing about their services such as:
  3. 24×7 online services that monitor your transactions.
  4. Alerts of any sort of account activity are sent via SMS or emails.
  5. One can view his or her account history for up to eighteen months.
  6. The bank of America makes sure that all locations of America are covered, you will also find an option of choose your location that will help you take a note of the banks available at different sites of that place.
  7. Once the registration is done, you will be emailed the details through which you can use the online banking services to pay bills, make transaction online and transfer money to your close friend or relative.
  8. You have to confirm your email address through your mail afterwards.
  9. Make sure that you keep your account number and tax identification number along with you, because if you try to log in then it may be possible that you get to fill it in for the security purposes.
  10. The tax identification number and the account number would also be required when ‘enrolling’ in the bank of America.

How Security Issues Are Tackled By The Bank Of America Online Services?

  1. As being a member of the Bank of America you won’t be encountering any security issues.
  2. While registration, you may be needed to provide your confidential information like your account number, your visa or debit card number.
  3. The online services are protected by quite many firewalls and shields.