Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Activate BOA Amazon Credit Card Online

There are many confusing policies and rules to activate your credit card if you go to the location in person instead now you can perform this task online through your PC sitting in your home. Bank of America has provided its online official website on which they have kept the facility of activation of Amazon credit card for free. This takes few minutes to be done and you can feel relax using this facility. There is no time restriction it is available round the clock whenever and wherever you can do this with complete protection. If you are having a card and you are getting worried for how to activate it with no time to go to the bank then this is the best facility that should be availed by everyone of you.

Online activation of credit card is much easier and requires a little information of your account and credit card and also your personal information and all is done within no time.

How To Activate:

  • For the activation of credit card you must be above 18 and credit card in your hand.
  • Get the activation page at www.bankofamerica.co.uk/amazon .
  • To access the online services for the card click on the button “register” and activate your card here.
  • You are asked to type your credit card number in a specified field.
  • In the second field type the “credit limit on your account”.
  • In front of “date of birth” you are given three spaces in which you have to type your date of birth separately.
  • After you have filled the entire spaces click on the blue colored button “continue”.
  • After the verification of your identity, go to the next page for managing your profile.
  • To make your profile look best type all the required information.
  • Site keys are given in the drop down menu, select one from it and select a verification question.
  • Click on the “finish” button after accepting the terms and conditions.


Using the online service of the activation of credit card provides you relaxing process and saves your time as well as your effort. It is a simple procedure without any complications and you can do it in seconds.

About Bank:

Bank of America is situated in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to its assets it is listed on the second number in United States.