Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Arby’s Customer Survey

Good customer service is fundamental to the success of a business.  Many businesses are now asking for customers to provide feedback on their experiences so they can maintain the customers they have and hopefully acquire new customers as well.  There is usually some type of motivation that the customer receives for taking the survey.  Not only does it reward the customer, but it also serves to bring them back for future business.

Like many of the other fast food restaurants, Arby’s has employed this procedure.  When you visit their restaurant and you receive your receipt, on the back of the receipt is a request to take a survey.  They want to know how you were treated when you were in their restaurant as well as the quality of your order.  They want to know if your order was made the way you ordered it and made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Getting Started:

Before you are ready to take the survey, you need to have two things available to you:

  • A computer that has access to the internet
  • Your cash register receipt from your most recent visit to Arby’s

Once you have these two items available, you are ready to take the survey.

  • Go to www.arbys.com/survey
  • Choose your primary language.  Click the arrow to proceed to the next page.
  • Type the four digit ticket number listed on the top of your receipt


The unit number is NOT the three digit ticket number highlighted in black on your receipt.  Your unit number should be listed above the cashier’s name at the receipt.

  • Enter the date you visited the restaurant.  You will need to make sure you take the survey inside two days of your visit.  They want to make sure your experiences are still fresh in your mind.
  • Continue on with the survey, answering every question on your level of satisfaction with each area of your visit.

For finishing survey, you will be given a code of validation.  Write this number on the back of your receipt on the line provided.  As a thank you from Arby’s, you will receive a free turnover or a free value size shake.  You must redeem this offer within 30 days of completing the survey.