Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance Online

Gift cards are a good way of rewarding loyal customers, giving employees to motivate them or giving to your beloved family members or friends on special occasions. These occasions may include valentine day, mother’s day, wedding, birthday etc. They can create everlasting memories that the recipients will forever cherish and remember you for that. For businesses, gift cards can create, retain and attract customers. Your customers will always remember your business and the services that you offer hence making them a satisfied lot. Gift cards are also an effective way to market your goods and services. They create brand awareness that people will always see and be associated with. The Gift Card is a perfect way to reward your employees, thank your customers and create an extensive brand awareness campaign. It is revolutionary as you can check your American Express Gift card balance online.

Benefits For Gift Card:

  • These gift cards has been specially made for people and businesses that want to reward their employees or say a word of thanks to their customers
  • Give them to your close friends and family members on special occasions or simply use it as plastic money to pay for your goods and services.
  • It is accepted by selected merchants for purchase of goods and services.

Steps To Follow:

  • Go to the company’s website .
  • Click on the “check your balance” orange button in the mid of the page.
  • Enter your gift card number and you will be directed to your account where you can view your balance and transaction history.


  • They are effective in attracting and retaining new and existing customers to your business. They will encourage your customers to make purchases and come back for more
  • They also a sure way of increasing brand awareness as your business name and logo will always be displayed on the card
  • Gift cards also good in increasing sales as people holding them might spend more than the value of the cards when they find that the goods they want are more expensive than the gift card value.

Disadvantages Of Gift Cards:

  • They might be prone to fraud as hackers work day and night to device new ways of breaking the online security system.
  • The gift cards might get lost though most companies will replace them, it may take time thus resulting in time wastage.

About The Company:

This is an international card issuing company and the largest in terms of the volume of cards that have been issued. They assist small business owners to empower there businesses through sound financial control, purchasing power and flexibility.