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Reset Road Runner Wi-Fi Router Password

Make your router setting security tight by changing its password. You can use the secret codes for making your services private. You can use these services every time by accessing your configuration setting.


  • You must have installed router.
  • Login access should be granted by the company.

Instructional Guides:

  • To Change the router password you have to install this router at your home and as it will be successfully installed you can get the IP address of the router at the bottom of the router.
  • Now if you can manage your profile then enter the IP address into the web browser and you will get the page where you can see all the configuration of the router by login into your account.
  • To login enter the username and password and after the providing the correct details you can access your setting.
  • Click on the option “Security” and here you can see your current password and you can create new password.
  • Click on the Save Button at the end your new setting will be saved and next you can use your new password to start your router.
  • For more services  access the site


  • You can use your router with high security setting.
  • You can change your profile setting any time.

About Company:

Time Warner Cable is a first television cable services started in 1940’s and now it ranked at the 2nd place between the cable provider companies. Customers are enjoying digital cable services to enjoy the entertainment and TV programs.