Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Activate Your Walmart Money Card Account Instantly

A prepaid card is offered by Walmart MoneyCard. Now you can hold at anywhere it locale. Load because notably finance on the determinate considering you wish, besides avail tangible have fun a debit pick out at ingredient it’s fodder. Of course you now can buy prone diet, gardening equipment, dwelling wares, toys, shoes, clothes and also sporting cargo. Your selection allows you to smack materiality you want, provided learned are enough chips on stable to cover the payment of your clout. You can also put in long green to your card at ingredient time.


  • You must have card first apply for the card then activate the card online account.
  • SSN and PIN is necessarily needed to activation process

Instructional Guides:

  • High speed internet and the properly install browser allow you visit this link walmartmoneycard.com/sticker .
  •  The page appears contains the form for card activation; start filling it by proper understanding the blank fields.
  • First page is regarding Card information like “Card number (16-digits)”, “Expiration Date”, “Security Code (3-digits)” in first column of the page.
  • Then enter four digits of social security number and PIN.
  • Enter code in the box by the below box for security purpose. Click on “next”
  • Next “Confirmation” page started which will tell you about the activation of account when you fulfill the demands what that process is needed to have.

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you are taking their customer service then don’t share your account and card information with them.
  • Don’t expect personal loan by this company.


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