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Visit To Check Out Who Is Looking For You

The mylife is formerly known and called as the and this is the service of social network. This website was established in the year of 2002 by the Jeffrey Tinsley. This company started with the acquisition of the and This site claims to aid members discover and keep in the touch with the relatives, friends, and the lost loves.

And in the year of 2007, claimed to be the sixth best site of social networking with approximately twenty eight million users, this is growing by approximately one million members every month, most of the in Canada and United States of America. This website ranks as seventh biggest social network in the United States of America with approximately 11 million visits every week.


  • You must have the computer system with the access of high speed connection of the internet
  • You must have the web browser such as the internet explorer, Firefox, or Google chrome.

Detailed Instructions

  • First of all open your web browser and go to the official website of the my life at the
  • This website provides the free service which makes you able to discover persons who’re searching for you, but free service provides you the limited access.
  • You can become the premium member as well by paying the annual, quarterly, or monthly membership
  • Type in your last name and first name in the required fields
  • Type in your zip code and the age in the required fields at this page
  • After this tick on a box next to this is my name, then this website will find for persons who’re searching for you.
  • Click on button view results then you’ll be redirected to page of search results to discover if anybody has been looking for you.
  • If there’re persons searching for you, the names of those will be displayed on screen and then you can click on those to obtain their information
  • And if there’re no persons listed then you can type in the birth date, gender, and email address in required fields on the page of result and after this sign up.