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Verify Your Payments On You Verizon Account

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunication companies from US. They provide mobile telecommunication through Verizon Wireless. Their website hosts many information about latest communication technologies, games, internet services or mobile related information. Here you can find latest smartphones, tablets, basic cell phones or you can look for a cell phone plan if you don’t have one from Verizon already. If you own a Verizon cell phone plan, you can manage your account and verify your payments online. In order to verify your payments or just check your account there is a My Verizon section where you can manage the account. The company assistants will offer you 24/7 online help. With the help of an assistant or simply by visiting the website you can solve your billing disputes if you have any, verify your payment bill, see what is your current carrier plan and you have to possibility to pay the bill online.


  • Verizon phone number

In order to verify your payments you have to sign up or sign in to My Verizon. You need to provide an accurate phone number and Verizon account number and the last amount you paid. Their website support page can provide you with useful information about what to do in order to verify your account.

How To Sign In To Verizon?

  • Go to their official
  • Select My Verizon and provide all necessary information. If you are a returning customer then just enter your user id and password to login to your account.
  • If you are a new user then first get register.
  • Click the register option. Complete the registration form. Enter your Verizon phone number, last bill amount, last payment amount and Verizon account number. Click “continue” button.
  • In 2nd step you have to create your ID and password.
  •  After this step you can begin monitoring your payments and bills for more accurate information and control over your bill.


  • You can buy a cell phone over the internet with free shipping if you catch a sale.
  • The shop can provide a wide range of devices and reasonable prices.
  • They advertise the latest technologies keeping you informed on what is new.


  • You can’t access My Verizon without providing a mobile phone number.
  • Lack of information about what is needed in order to sign up for Verizon.
  • Their normal plans are reasonable but when you mix a voice plan with a data plan, the prices are a bit large.

Verizon is known in the telecommunication industry as a direct descendant of Bell Atlantic Corporation.  Their mobile division known as Verizon Wireless was created in 2000 as a merger between Bell Atlantic and UK-based Vodafone. Verizon is one of the major companies that use CDMA2000 as data and voice technology. In December 2010, Verizon launched the latest 4G LTE technology. Their ads are known throughout US for their impact but also simplicity. In the early days, Verizon have restricted their phones from using different features such as mp3 as ringtones or GPS disabling.