Friday , 19 January 2018
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Sign Up To ADP To Get Online Tax & Pay Statements

You are supposed to pay your tax and it is necessary for present times. Now you can get these statements over internet. It is the fastest way through which you can get your statements about tax and pay. If there is some kind f problem in your career and you have to show the evidence for your pay or tax then this is beneficial there as you can save it with you in printed form. You are open to print these statements and keep them to you.  It provides you this offer which you can avail conveniently. After getting registered at this site you will be given an account where you can keep your data, you can change the password, and you can view the status of your account and can also keep it up to date.

To get registered, approach the home page of the official website of this organization and you will get there the whole procedure.


  • To sign up, visit .
  • If you have already been using this site then enter your user ID, pass word and client number in the related spaces and hit “log in” button.
  • If you are the first time users then go to the registration page by hitting the button “register now”.
  • On the next page all the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, privacy concerns and copyrights are given, read them all.
  • Tick the radio button given with a statement that verifies that you have accepted all the terms and conditions.
  • Hit the button “submit” to proceed.
  • There is a box given, if you are getting registered with an account that already exists then tick the box, if not then simply type the information required and complete the form.
  • You have to enter your personal information including your name, address, email etc.
  • In the other section you have to enter your employment information including your company code, client number, file number, hiring date etc.
  • For the security of your account, select three security questions, provide password, submit your form and log in to your account.


You can get access to your tax and pay statements at your ease sitting in your home.

About Company:

ADP stands for automatic data processing, it is a public organization created in 1949.