Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Use Telus To Find Better Career Opportunities

Products and services are the order of the day companies are engaged in providing services and strive hard to maintain the standard.  The aim of every company is to be in the fore front of business activity; they do all effort to give best to their customers and seek increase in the number of customers.

Why Work With Company?

  • If you are desirous of your professional growth and have the passion to work out sincerely, then this is the forum for you to explore the opportunities.
  • Do you have the courage to innovate then get  opportunities here
  • You can initiate opportunities and be a part of excellent team.

How To Get A Work?

  • Go to the official web site .
  • Click on the country name where you are seeking a job
  • You have the option to choose international career too
  • You will be presented a screen to select a TELUS facility; click on the down arrow; you will be presented with options of many locations.  Choose the location of your choice
  • Find “Career” option at the selective region site.
  • Here you will see the option opportunities; you can see the categories and featured jobs options.
  • You will be presented with a very important notice; you cannot submit your application for multiple locations at one time; you need to wait till reapply time has passed.  If you disregard this message and submit applications for multi locations then you may be disqualified from this process altogether; take note and apply accordingly.
  • You will be presented with a position on the screen; click on the arrow; it will take you to next page with brief explanations of the job; click continue
  • Your application process is yet to begin; you will be required to enter your email id; enter email id
  • There is an image; reproduce the letters in the image accurately in the box provided; click continue
  • You will be presented with a screen to input your details like, first name; last name; phone number (10 digits); recruitment source- choose the option from the drop down menu; your address; your city; your province; your area zip code; your email address will automatically appear from your previous entry; click continue
  • Next screen asks you from which type of device you are submitting your application; choose an option; click continue
  • Next screen asks some basic question which you are required answer; answer briefly and click next
  • You are now presented a behavioral statement; choose the best option for every question; click continue
  • The next screen continues with behavioral statement; choose the best option; click next; continue the same in next screen; click next; continue the same exercise; click next.
  • Once you complete all the behavioral statement, you will be informed that your application is received & after scrutiny you will receive a call from recruitment consultant.


It is vital to keep track of customer’s opinion and desire continuously; this work is now done by a process known as business process outsourcing.