Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Sunbiz Electronic Filing Step-By-Step Instructions

Sunbiz has been offering a number of methods through which the people associated with division for filling get benefited. They are offering the option of online document filling. Anyone associated with sunbiz would be able to do the factious name registration in a better way. Not only that, if user want then they can take advantage of these followings;

  • Annual reports
  • Reinstatement
  • Profit and non-profit corporation d) limited liability company
  • limited partnership
  • judgment liens
  • Electronic certification

Not only that, if anyone wants to do the withdrawal then he/she can also do that for the filing which previously done. This is a great feature being provided by the sunbiz electronic services.

How To Do?

Coming towards the point that how the online annual reports filling and reinstatement fillings take place .

  • If you are first time filling annual report then follow these instructions.
  • Go to the home page
  • Click on the button “File Current Year Annual Report or Amended Annual Report”.
  • On the next page there is a blank box where you have to enter “Document Number”.Click on submit and go to the next step.
  • On the next page see the option “Edit FEI/EIN Number” you have to put ferderal employee identification number in the box.
  • You have to then verify business address if it need any change then click on “Edit Principal Address”.
  • Now verify your given email address if you are not sure with the given one click on “Edit Email Address” and also check the agent or registered office address number edit it by “Edit Agent”.
  • For the registered agent you have to sign in into the account to get access to the further steps.
  • If you want to update any kind of information then make changes in them.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ if you want certificate of status.
  • After giving all information at the last “Final Review” to overlook at your file.
  • Now move on the payment section and update your payement record before finishing the whole action.


There are many people who are working from home. For them these kinds of sunbiz offerings are a great opportunity. Through it, they are able to make payments. Not only that, they are able to take advantage of the deposits, reprints, authentications, partnerships, profits and a lot of other stuff as well. All other business type people are also attaining benefits through the online annual report filling system. This is a great way of making advantage of companies.

About Sunbiz:

Sunbiz has been serving in Florida from a long period of time. They are part of state division corporations. They have special annual reporting and online annual report filling facilities for their customers. Not only that, if anyone need the direct contact numbers then one is able to provide those through their sunbiz accounts in a flexible manner. The best thing about it is that, a person can managetheir online user account for as long as they want. There is a special identification and security being provided to everyone. One just needs to keep their user details secret and use their account at best level of certifications and filling.