Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Subscribe To Get Home Sense Inside Scoop

Become Home Sense insider and get inside scoops about your favorite store. Subscribe for e-alerts are receive the hottest designer trends and tips in your inbox. Members will receive advanced notice on contests, upcoming special events and new store openings. Don’t wait, sign up now and get the latest news deliver right to your inbox. You will get everything you need to make your home beautiful. There is 60% discount on your most coveted items.

Application is simple and membership is free for all. Get your membership today and get specials and exclusives in your inbox.

  • Go to the web address that is www.homesense.ca/en/email_main.asp from your web browser to begin the application.
  • Get access to the resultant page and fill in the online subscription form with requested information.
  • First enter in your email address. This email will be registered as your username. You will receive tips and upcoming special events and new store openings in your inbox.
  • Re-enter your email address for accuracy.
  • Enter in your personal information. You need to provide your first name and your last name. Your name will be used to make a personalize communication with you. Your personal information is secure at this website.
  • Enter in your phone number.
  • Enter in your postal code. Your postal code will help to find special events and contests in your region.
  • Choose your preferred language. You will receive communication in this language.
  • Tick the checkbox if you would like to receive emails and acknowledge the legal/privacy policy.
  • Complete all fields and hit on the button that says “Submit”.

If you would like to change your email address, you have to unsubscribe from this subscription and then sign up using your new address. If you have any question in your mind, call at 1-800-646-9466 to connect customer support.