Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Share Bob Evans Plastic Gift Cards With Friends

Give the gift of simple goodness with Bob Evans gift cards. This is the perfect gift for all festivities. Make your card more special by sending it with your message. You just need to checkout; they will deliver your gift card directly to recipient’s door.

  • Visit the link that is bobevansstore.wgiftcard.com/card/personalize_plastic/choose/bobevans/2 in order to access the gift card center online.
  • Once on the online gift card shop, choose a gift card design.
  • Select a card value to be loaded on your gift card.
  • Choose quantity of cards you want to add on your cart.
  • Press the button that says “Continue” in order to proceed.
  • Personalize this gift card by adding your message.
  • Enter in recipient’s name.
  • Provide sender’s name.
  • Type your message in given blank space.
  • Press the button that marked “Continue”.
  • You can add more cards in your shopping cart.
  • Select “Buy More Cards” options and follow the same procedure to add card in your shopping bag.
  • Review order summary and continue to checkout.
  • Billing location: first enter in payment information.
  • Select your gift card and provide credit card number, code and expiration date.
  • Leave your billing address. Provide cardholder’s first name and cardholder’s last name.
  • Provide your phone number for payment validation.
  • Input address, city, state/province and ZIP code.
  • Input an email address. An active email address is required to send you confirmation and emails about new offers, product and services.
  • Enter in your mobile phone number. Subscribe in order to receive text alerts.
  • In next step you will need to provide shipping location.
  • Select shipping preferences and enter in shipping location including name, address, city, state/province and ZIP code.
  • Complete this order application and click on “Purchase” button.

Complete your online order and receive emails and text alerts about exclusive deals and special offers.