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Sign Up GEICO To File A Claim Online

Almost all the companies provide online services and facilities which you can avail through their online website. This allows you to go paperless and enjoy the countless benefits. Insurance companies have also started offering their services online. We can’t deny the importance of insurance policies, although most of the times we tend to overlook it. The one thing you must be sure of before making any decision about the insurance policy is that the company you are opting holds good reputation among its customers. For that you may go through the online reviews of different companies and then selecting the best one.

Steps to To Create Account:

  • First step is to visit the official website at .
  • Navigate and select the options “New User” and then “activate account”.
  • Next you will b taken to a new page, where you are supposed to initiate the entire process.
  • You need to go through the three steps; first one is to confirm your identity.
  • Give out your name, zip code, policy number and also provide the four digits of the social security number.
  • Enter “continue” to take the process further.
  • Create a user ID and password.  Re-enter the password to reconfirm it.
  • Follow the given directions in order to complete the procedure.
  • Approach document to sign for the claim file and then go for paperless file claim system.
  • When you are done with the whole process, you can log in to your account and file for your insurance policy.


  • You must be an adult in order to create GIECO policy holder account.
  • You must be eligible for that to enjoy their services and benefits.

About Company:

The Government Employees Insurance Company also known as GEICO is a government company providing Insurance services. It is a part of Berkshire Hathaway and was originally established in 1936 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States by Leo Goodwin, Sr. They provide you the online services through which you can take care of everything, which saves your time and money. All your tasks can be done online sitting at your place, without going to the office. They work to provide satisfaction and reliability to their valued clients.