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Send Hallmark Ecards Online

Hallmark Cards I a U.S. based company which presents its customers the ability purchase a number of greeting cards from any location in the country. The company started presenting its services in the year 1910. This company won an award of National Medal of Arts in the year 1985. The company currently has about 16000 employees who work hard to innovate new card designs. In addition to cards, this company also offers a number of other products such as giftware, gift wrapping papers, electronic gift cards, party items and many more.

How to send  Ecards online:

You can use the official web page of this company for sending Hallmark Ecards using the online web portal by going through the steps which are mentioned as under:

  • Visit the website of Hallmark where this service is provided which is www.hallmarkecards.com/myecards/sent.
  • Enter your email address and password in the space bars which are given in the pop up window pane where you can login to your Hallmark eCards account.
  • Click the button “Login” to submit this information. You can also click the button “Join now” button at lower side of this web page.
  • There are different categories where you can search for the eCards which are:
    1. Birthday
    2. Anniversary
    3. Greeting cards
    4. Congratulation cards
    5. Just because cards
  • Click the icon where you want to look for the cards. You can also search for the latest cards which are given on this web page.

This web page also offers an option of narrowing down the choices by specifying options from the columns given at left side of this page. There are also menu on top of this web page which can be visited for narrowing down the card options.