Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Replay Program Of Ca Lottery Non-Winning Scratchers Tickets

California government offers its customers the chances to win different money prizes for lottery and the amount of money spend on purchasing these lotteries is consumed on some productive projects like the improvement of education. Public education is made better by applying the amount collected by these lotteries. The government offers this programming making it attractive for the customers. There are many of the games played in these lotteries. Now the government has allowed the customers to re-enter into the lottery if they have loosed in their first attempt and this is accessible over their online official website. The steps towards the re-entering for the prize are few and do not waste lot of your time instead you may get a good news of winning a prize.

Visit the online website and re-enter your name into the list if your ticket had gone without winning. It is simple and you can understand it easily.

How To Enter In Program?

  • Get the website at replay.calottery.com .
  • There is a link “replay” on the very first page, click on it.
  • There is an option “how to enter”, click on it.
  • There are few steps on the next page, read them carefully.
  • If you have an account then sign in to re-enter or if you are new here then create your account first. Enter your email address and password to log in. Click on the button “create a new account” and enter your email address, password and select security question. Click on the “next’ button to complete the process.
  • Enter your entry code and ticket ID to re-enter the non-winning scratches tickets.
  • One code can be used for only two times and a date for the next final draw will be given to you that would be after 60 days you have played.
  • A bonus draw is also conducted and if you win prize in it you will be notified by the company.
  • There is a page “results and winners” at which you can see the names of the winners.


The customers are appreciated by this service and also many of them are attracted towards this offer. In this way a lot of benefit can be given to the government and the public education departments.

About Program:

A game is offered to the customers and they can play it after paying for it and these games are simple and easy.  This is conducted by the California government and they want to enhance the department of education of their country. The money gained through these lotteries are spent on it.