Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Register To Yahoo To Join Flicker Online

Yahoo Incorporation is a company which creates a number of web based applications and designs a number of websites. This company was one of the first companies to introduce messenger with which internet users were able to chat, use smileys to send their emotions, attach and send different file formats, voice chat, make a conference call and many more options. The company was able to surpass one of its competitors, Google Inc, in the year 2013 based on the number of website visits from the internet users. The number of internet visits showed an increased amount compared o 2011 when the visits were 21% lesser.


A new Yahoo account can be registered by following a set of easy steps which are given as under:

  • Insert the web address where this company offers its account registration procedure that is
  • Under the title “Sign up” on top of the page, you have to enter your personal information. This information includes complete name, username that is not previously registered by any other yahoo user, password, cell phone number, date of birth, optional cell phone number to recover the account details and relationship status.
  • Read the terms and conditions of this company as well as the privacy policy of the website to get a better hold on its regulations. These details can be read by clicking the respective links above the “Create account button.
  • After entering all the above mentioned details, click the button titled “Create account”.

This yahoo account can be used at any website which is operated and owned by Yahoo Incorporation. Using this Yahoo account, you can join the platform of Flicker to share your pictures and photos.