Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Register In Foodland To Manage Your Maika`i Account

Foodland Super Market Limited, was first incorporated in 1948 in Sullivan and originated by Maurice J. Sully. It is the largest Hawaii grocery retailer stores. The company has its main vision to mainly focused on the customer’s demand and prefer to serve them. Up to now, the company employed more than 2500 employees in 32 stores operating in different localities. Through better services and product quality, the company is gaining much more popularity among the society by shopping experience. The Company’s commitment is to provide benefits to their valued customers by enhancing outstanding services and for the sake of Hawaii’s future.


  • In order to manage your account, you are required to have the following necessary things:
  • You are firstly required to have valid email account that does not use for public emails, this means only for this service as you can receive notifications.
  • You must have account number and card number.

Instructional Guides:

  • First, access the link and go to the main website through your internet browser.
  • Right below of the main page, you will see a large Icon “Sign up to hear from us”, click on register button and get entry to a new form.
  • Enter your email address with confirmation, password with confirmation, click the check box of newsletter (if you want), connection of card with new account, provide card number, identification account number and first name.
  • Lastly, enter CAPTCHA characters in the text field and press create an account button to finish.

Closing summary:
Your identification number of Maika`i account contains (10-digits) that is utilized for `i card in store as a reference. If any of the customers forgot to keep the card along with him during the purchase,

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it is recommended to use an easy number, like cell phone number or home number, a combination of number that does not start with zero.