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Login To Edmentum Account Online

Edmentum, Inc is formerly known as the best Learning site. The rebranding was done in November 2012. The company which has been in existence for more than 50 years provides online, mobile and software learning solutions designed in order to help learners become successful in their academic pursuit. The site helps educators and administrators to meet with the challenges of classroom in the 21st century via its online learning solutions. The learning solutions and courses of the system are designed to meet all states as well as federal standards. The service of the site helps learners a lot by making it possible for educators to support learners of different categories.

Getting Access To System:

Before you get access into online account, you have to be set up in the system. If you do not have any name, account login id and password, you will not be able to get access to the system. Setting up account in the system depends on whether you are a learner, an instructor/group coordinator or a administrator.

Requirements For Self-Enrolment:

You can self-enroll yourself in a class which your teacher has permitted you to enroll in. You will require the following information in order to successfully enroll yourself in this site.

  • a class ID: your instructor will give you the class ID
  • a class password: this is also provided by the teacher (class password refers to the password for the class that you want to register with)

Steps For Login:

Registration in the system involves three steps. Below are the three steps.

  1. Visit the site and enter your class information
  2. Enter the account login , plato name, and password.
  3. Verify the information provided and click on login button.

Points To Note:

  • The user ID name is not case sensitive.
  • The password is normally case sensitive.
  • The user ID may be part of your student identification system number or part of the student’s name.

About Company:

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