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Reset Your Password At Ozone University Of Oklahoma

When you are studying in this university there is a great set up that allows you to find out a lot about the university and also allows the students to give feedback. It is called Ozone.

Based in Norman, Oklahoma, the university was founded in 1890 although there had been one in existence 17 years before hand but there was then a differentiation between land that was Oklahoma and land that was Indian Territory.

There are around 30,000 students a year at the University and while some are away from the main area, most are based at the campus in Norman. There are around 3000 members of the faculty and a choice of 152 baccalaureate courses, 20 majors, plus doctorate programs and masters programs. On top of this it has a great sports program and has a number of winning teams in its baseball and softball programs.

It has a very good reputation and has been listed in the list of top colleges in a number of magazines. Research is a big part of the University and there are a couple of museums set in the Norman campus.

Many students will be registered with Ozone and if the password is lost it can be a problem but fortunately resetting is easy.

Reset The Password:

  • Go to the website at ozone.ou.edu .
  • Enter your user name and password to access the account for unfortunately if you forget your account then click on “Forget Password”.
  • Enter your OUNet ID and password to get new account password access or click on “Reset Password”.
  • Enter your username to for your identification.
  • A password will be sent to a back-up email account and the link needs to be used to reset the password within half an hour
  • If there is not a back up e mail then a security question will be asked.
  • These are the only ways to reset the password online.

To keep things simple there are only a few steps to go through and it won’t be long before the password can be reset. As there could be a delay in getting things done if you are not able to get to your account, it is important to make sure that your details are up to date and it is always possible to send you the information needed of you do have to reset the password.