Friday , 23 February 2018
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Order To Activate Prepaid Visa Card At Account Now

Account Now Inc. is a private company which is providing online financial solutions to over four hundred million people of America. Head quarter of Account Now Inc. is in San Ramon, CA. It basically deals with online banking solutions provided to those people who are refused by banks due to Chex Systems. Account Now is a well-known source for those customers who are not qualified for banking. That is why Account Now is considered as a most trusted brand it is also providing services of prepaid card and master cards to all American consumers.

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Account Now is dealing with online financial solutions to those customers who are not entitled to resort to bank. Account Now is providing a facility of prepaid Visa card which works just like checking account system. You can save a lot of cash through this card it also allows you to make online payments. You are not entitled to pay any extra dues for prepaid visa card. You can keep record of your cash in effective way. Prepaid card of Account now is launched by Meta Bank TM. You can also manage your account by viewing history of every transaction, making easy payments, quick and reliable funds transfer and much more. With the facility of Prepaid visa card of account now, you don’t have to worry about cash you can swap your card to make payments everywhere in world.

What are the set of Requirements to activate an Account?

If you want to activate your account now prepaid visa card then you have to keep a computer system with internet connection available to it. You need to keep your valid card number in hand and at the end visit official website

What are the steps of execution to activate an Account?

You need to follow given steps of execution to activate your account now prepaid visa card online.

  • You need to open your computer and click on Internet browser add official URL of website Account Now in address bar. Here URL link of website is given
  • In next step you are supposed to provided your Account Now prepaid Visa card number in related fields as fixed
  • Furthermore you need to type card number again in relevant fields as directed by website and click on button which is labeled as “Submit”
  • For any help or information related to Account Now Prepaid Visa Card Help you are highly recommended to visit Support link of account now given as