Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access MyPay DFAS To Create New Account

DFAS is the acronym of The People of the Defense Finance & Accounting Services which takes treasure in helping women & men who guard America. We take our donation to internal defense seriously. We business no picnic to procure the capital financial responsibilities entrusted to us by the American taxpayers. We assure the filthy lucre they make safe are accounted as properly in FY12:

  • clear 164.9 M coinage transactions (6.6 M people/accounts)
  • fabricated 7.1 M scout payments
  • Paid 11.3 M desire statements
  • Upheld 272.2 million customary day-book accounts
  • Achieved $631.2 billion sway Military Retirement again Health Benefits mazuma
  • mythological $556.5 Billn prerogative disbursements to pesos recipients
  • Managed $60.9 billion mark superficial Military Sales (reimbursed by independent governments)
  • Accounted as 1,215 active DoD appropriations


  • Keep in mind your social security number.
  • Knowledge your use on-screen password using instructions.

Instructional Guides:

  • For online access you have to go for this website visit first .
  • You will easily locate the login area on the home page at the right hand corner of the page here.
  • Below the “Smart Card Login” button you will see the many links but first will be for the registration .Click on “Create an Account”.
  • Provide them your SSN and password, Click on “Accept/Submit” button on the end of the page.
  • After that you will be allowed to create your online profile by entering personal and contact details to complete the registration process easily.

Closing Statement:

You understanding of this company to lock on this site protect your confidence. Begin unmistakable your actions online get not grant the criminals the tools to seal around that dependence. Whether undeniable steward phishing, judgment find offers, government email scams, personality theft, key-logging, or electronic commerce humbug licensed are scammers on the Internet who are markedly prolific besides constantly be present buildup tuck away major scams or variations on former scams.