Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Login At Alberta To Access Health Online Services

If you are a medical staff of Alberta Health Service, you can always get connected with its medical staff website especially designed to maintain regular, consistent and sound communication between the organization and its medical staff. This system connects all the staffs including physicians, surgeons, dentists as well as podiatrists to the IT network of this site. This will help you have sound communication with the Medical Specialists and Supervisors as well as get accessed to the resources of AHS. This will help you gain all the necessary information about your workplace. With this medical staff website you will be updated to the latest news and happenings which would develop more professionalism in your work.

How To Login?

You can have access to the medical staff website only if you are the verified medical staff of this institution. In order to get connected to this system, you’ll need to follow the following simple steps:

  • Go to the site .
  • A login screen will appear. Enter your user id and password in the ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ box and click on ‘Enter’ button.
  • If you forgot your username or password, click on “FORGOT PASSWORD” link. This link can reset your password only if you have already set your Security Question. In this case, you have to contact the Advanced Technology Service Desk.

You will be allowed to access all the website resources when your user id and password are accepted by the system.

Pros And Cons:

The major beneficial and advantageous features of this Health Services can be listed in the following points:

  • A team of experienced and highly trained staffs.
  • Flexible working hour.
  • Good remuneration for the staffs.
  • Ensure to lead you towards professional career.
  • Advanced website to maintain communication between staffs and the leaders.

However, it has some drawbacks too which can be listed below:

  • Website not compatible with all the system.
  • Lots of technical error in accessing the medical staff website.
  • Disorganized departmental structure.
  • High employee turnover.


This institution has a glorious history of serving the health sector of Canada.  It has a really strong foundation build by a team of highly skilled and motivated staffs and health professionals who is committed to provide daily health services to millions of Albertans as well as all other citizens of the nation. It has a wide extended network of thousands of hospitals and health centers within the nation. It has certainly provided its valuable contribution over years and years to provide optimum health care and facilities to millions of people across the nation.