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Access Mozilla To Submit Fraud Report Online

Company has its own well define trademark policies and it can’t bother any kind of compromise on their policies. If you found any person who is acting against the policies then you can register your complaints online.


  • You must have proof for the distributor.
  • Keep file in your computer safe to attach it with application.


  • Visit this site to get the best internet tool services.
  • On the page scroll to click on the link “Report Trademark Abuse” and access the application page.
  • On the page see the left hand side of the page where you will see the form to fill some details.
  • Enter the URL of the website which is involve in fraud case, after that choose the option for complaint by the drop down menu.
  • Now choose the product by the drop down menu and after that enter the other product name if you want to mention in below text field other move to the other option.
  • In the text field type more details and click on the button “Choose the file” from your computer if you have any document file for the proof then attach it to your application.
  • Type attachment description and enter the email address and press the button “Send Report”


  • If any distributor is making fraud with you then you can inform the company for this responsible company or persons.
  • You can submit application if anyone is misusing your personal information or giving you low quality software.
  • A person who is acting against the company’s trademark policies then he would be charged by the company.

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