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How MapQuest Driving Directions Help You To Find Your Way

AOL owns the MapQuest which is an online mapping service on web and is completely free of clothes. Basically services are free and the company is based in America. The application is multilingual and was launched in 1996. Its previous names were Cartographic Services and then the GeoSystems Global Corporation.


The MapQuest is enriched with features and we can use all kinds of tools to find our destination and location. You can get all the driving directions in a very simple and easy manner. You can also get the audio


  1. You must have a computer along with an internet access if you want to know your directions before driving but if you are driving and want to approach MapQuest then you can get to it by using your Smartphone.
  2. You can use it easily without any restriction.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Click on the link which will direct you to the MapQuest website.
  2. Once you have reached the homepage click on the option above at the tool bar which is marked as “Direction” click on this drop down menu and click on “Get My Directions”
  3. You will be directed to a new page where there will be a map with so many options.
  4. Click on the option present on the top left. The icon will be on a car.
  5. Click on this icon for driving instructions.
  6. Now on the two tabs write the place, address or anything related to the place.
  7. Now select your options that do you want your result in meters or kilometer.
  8. You have to select that whether you want a short distance or a way which takes you to the goal in a short time.
  9. You can also select for a way which is free from toll, highways, ferries, country borders, seasonal roads along with timed restrictions.
  10. Once you have provided all the information then submit it and it you will surely be satisfied with the result.

What to do in case you have any question or query regarding the MapQuest ways and problems or you are stuck in the process?

If you have gotten into a tricky situation you can always refer to the FAQs page or you can go to the help forum and your query will be solved in no time.