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Join The Wide Network At Hotmail.Ca Sign In

Hotmail is included in the biggest online network. You can use it for sending emails and accessing the electronic messaging system along with a wide range of facilities. It provides you access throughout the world to reach your communication. You can do it simply by signing into the Hotmail which is simple and quick.

Steps To Follow:

The steps that are involved in order to set a personal account that allows you to sign into the hotmail network are the following:

  • Access the website through your internet browser.
  • As the page opens, there appear the options as SIGN IN for those who already have accounts made for the Windows Live and Hotmail. The option that can be seen near this option is SIGN UP; it is for you to follow.
  • Once you click on the SIGN UP option a page appears which is in the shape of a form that you need to fill.
  • In this form is asked about your personal information, what would be the email address that you would want to have. It also includes you to give your security information.
  • The purpose of the security information is to protect your account from theft and from unauthentic users.
  • First of all, fill in your personal information that the page is asking for. You have to write your name, fill in your date of birth; you may give in your phone number as well. The identity information does not really need to be factual. You can also go for fabricated information, provided that you do not forget it later.
  • After that, create you account name.
  • Create the passwords that would allow access to your account in the future.
  • Fill in your contact information.
  • After that, tell them where you live, provide them with the zip code.
  • The, you have to make sure that you are not a robot and for that you have to enter the garbles Captcha line that is shown to you.
  • In the end, agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and create the account.

The Positives Of Signing Up With Hotmail:

The Hotmail network is very quick and efficient. It provides you safe and transparent access to your personal information and keeps it safe.

About Hotmail:

Hotmail is a Network that deals with Electronic Email, Xbox Live, instant messaging and other services related to Microsoft with just one single Email Address.