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Join Sears Customer Satisfaction Survey

Sears, founded in 1893, is an American company chain of departmental stores. This company sells products such as clothes, machinery, hardware, computers, electronic equipment, shoes and many other types of products. It has a number of branded items under one roof. You can get products from these stores on discount rates. It aims to increase the efficiency of its products as well as the performance of its staff.

Customers can visit stores or shop online for their required items using the official website . Customers can make online accounts on this website and get a notification of sales and discount rates on different items. They can also order shipments and view different deals. Online shopping can be done by adding the shopped items to the cart and paying via credit card and transferring money to Sears accounts online.


                To participate in the survey offered by Sears, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the official website of Sears survey which is
  2. Select one of the languages in top right window from the available options which are English and Spanish.
  3. Insert the 12 digit sales check number from the receipt that you received from Sears.
  4. Provide your rating and comments on your recommendation of Sears stores to your friends.
  5. Rate the performance of official staff of Sears and the overall experience that you had during your visit.
  6. You can submit this feedback by clicking the “Next” button.

Sears also offers its updates and notifications via other media such as facebook, twitter and other media. You can ask company officials for help during the process of submitting your feedback by visiting the official website and using the contact details.