Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Join LEGO Club And Play Games

LEGO is a certified home of the toys and online games. Log in to your account to get latest product information and news. Join the club and store information. Set up your free online profile and unlock new levels when you play games online at website. Members can save pictures and videos in online galleries. Join community and connect to other members. Go ahead, sign up today and play games online, shop products, create and share and enjoy videos.

343Follow the sequence of steps as described below to sign in or set up a new account.

  • Go to the link at www.lego.com/en-us/?domainredir=www.legosurvey.com in order to proceed.
  • Take your mouse on “Log In” link and press it to continue.
  • Log in to enjoy all fun. Enter in your log in username and password in give fields.
  • Click on the “Log In” green button.
  • If you are a new visitor, create your account to play.
  • First enter in your username. Your username will be shown when you play games and upload photo. Don’t use your actual name.
  • Set up account password.
  • Enter your password again. Both passwords must match.
  • You need to verify your age. Select month, day and year.
  • Hit on the button “Next” in order to proceed.
  • In next step you need to provide the profile information.
  • Enter in your email address. Your email address will used to send you e-communications.
  • Choose the name of your home country.
  • Choose gender and get relevant offers.
  • Tick the checkbox to accept you have read and acknowledge to all terms and conditions.
  • Once done, hit on the “Create Your User Account” button.

You will receive activation email message in your inbox. Activate your account to play. You will also receive your new email if you forget your password. Read privacy policy carefully, this website has a secure basket for your account information.