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Enroll To Alabama Joblink To Find Employees

Alabama Joblink is a site that connects employers with employees in Alabama State. If you are looking for the right candidates for vacancies in your office, you can register with the site. When you create the employer’s account, you can post your job vacancies in the site. As a registered member, you will receive updates of job seekers’ resumes matching your opening. You will also search resumes of job seekers directly from the database of the site.

How To Find?

Creating the employer’s account is completely free. The process is also simple. However, the site has some policies guiding its use. So, before you create your account, it is advisable that you first read the employer use policy. After reading the policy, you can create an employer’s account by following the steps stipulated below.

  • First visit site and look for “find employees” option at the left side and point the mouse on it.
  • The cascading menu will appear. Click on the option create an account.
  • The employer use policy will turn up. Read the policy thoroughly well. If you do not understand anything, you can make inquiries from the support before completing your registration.
  • After reading the policy, if you are willing to continue, then you should click on “I accept” button. But if you do not want to continue, click “I decline” button. If you want to make inquiries or to have some of your confusion cleared before continue, you should click on “Decision Pending” button.
  • When you click on I agree button, the registration form will turn up. Fill the information required. Make sure that you choose a password and username that you will be able to remember.
  • Registration requires online account information, contact information and your deep detail about employment.
  • After filling all details in the boxes submit them then you will b able to get the find results.

You can start giving out job orders once you are registered with the site. Giving your job order is not difficult. All you have to do is to point the mouse at the “find employees” option and from the cascading options that come out click on “job posting form to email or fax”. Fill the form that comes out and then submit via the site. You can also make your order via the telephone using form as sample.

What You Will Find?

This site is not only designed for employers. The website also provides job seekers with job listing as well as useful information about jobs or vacancies available in this State. Job seekers in the state can find job by registering with the site. Before you start searching for the available jobs in the state via the website, you have to create account in the site. Registration is also free for job seekers.