Saturday , 20 January 2018
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Login To Instagram To Shout Out With our Friend

Instagram is photo sharing online service , this site allows its online users to share your videos and photos online. It is like social media networking site like Flickr , Facebook, twitter, and Tumblr  to share you blog or website here to promote your business.


  • You must b register here to access the account


  • Visit this site and access the best site to share your photos online.
  • First of all you have to login into your account by pressing the button “Login”
  • Enter your “Username” and “ Password” and press the button “Login”
  • On logging in to the profile of your friend that you want to link up.
  • If you are using your account from the computer than take snapshoot and login from Ipod or Iphone.
  • Now press simultaneously “Home” and “Sleep” button and wait for the camera shutter sound.
  •  If you are using Android then press simultaneously “Volume Down” and “Power Button”
  • After that upload the snapshoot and then press the tab “Share” and after that choose the “photo gallery”
  • Apply on filter and type in the caption on the image #shout Out and enter the name of the person with @ symbol and press on the tab “Done” and after that your shared image will be visible for all friends.


  • You can post your videos and photos to your friends and family.
  • By adding captions you can encourage your friends and followers to follow your activies.

You can easily share you photos and can shout out with on your friends wall. Your followers can see your posts and can appreciate you.