Monday , 22 January 2018
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Indeed Ads: Low Your Hiring Cost

First of all you need to be very clear about that what is Indeed actually. It is a sort of job search engine. If we talk according to the TechCrunch then in the year of 2010 this site came to be known as the largest site of job among all in the whole of the United States which was actually based all on the unique visitors. Some sites which are way too similar to it are known to be and the other one is known to be Indexes jobs of indeed are normally listed on some other sites. This simply indicates and explains that if you have a job that is on any of the other job sites then this can end up on indeed. Moreover there is a sort of program with the help of which you are able to post jobs on its site at your own in the form of sponsored listings and this program is offered to you by indeed. Plus it gives you the guarantee of prime placement on the site.


  • You should have the computer system
  • You must have the high speed connection of the internet

Step By Step Guide:

  • Visit
  • At this site, click on the advertise many jobs button which is placed at the bottom of this page
  • In the next page click on the get started button this button is also placed at the bottom of this page
  • After this create your account type in your email address and the password in the required fields and then click on a button which is marked as Continue
  • In the next step give your company information such as the name of the company, contact person and phone number in the required field. And after this click a register button
  • In the next page click on a post a job link
  • Type in your company name, job title, job description, city, and click on a continue button to post the job.