Thursday , 18 January 2018
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How You Can Make The Facebook Professional Timeline?

If you would like to see persons you worked with in the year of the 2002, the professional timeline in the facebook traces the interactions with the friends over a course of the life. Utilizing the details included or confirmed by the classmates, coworkers, and friends you can make the visual time line of who you have dated, how long you have understood and know each of the friends, and who introduced you to the home.  You can make the professional time line very easily. This is the best method to trace the friends, coworkers, and the classmates.


  • You must have the computer system with the access of the high speed connection of the internet
  • You must have the web browser such as the internet explorer, Firefox, or Google chrome
  • You must have the Facebook account

Step By Step Guide

  • Visit link
  • You must make sure that you use an address of the email you are registered with if you’ve many addresses on the account.
  • After this go to a page of my friends utilizing convenient link and you previously look at the beginning of the professional time line instantly after including just the some friends. And as the friends include the details regarding the relationships, time line will definitely grow by itself.
  • Include the details of every friend by clicking edit details which are placed close to their names. And if your friend and you have not included the details already then you’ll see a link how do you know. In order to make the professional facebook timeline, you should include year to relationship details.
  • Choose each of the ways you’re linked to a person. The options such as working together and lived together ask for the both the finish and start date. More especial you get dates, more the professional time line will complete.
  • At the end, click on a button on the request confirmation when you’re creating the changes.