Thursday , 18 January 2018
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How To Win $1000 In Rite Aid Store Survey

Surveys prove to be a great way of improving any other company. The main purpose behind designing such surveys is to improve the services of any company. In addition to these, people also complete these surveys to win great prizes. The survey of Rite aid store helps people to win $ 1000. They fully appreciate the time given by their customers to them and in return they give them the chance of winning $ 1000. They usually ask the questions related to their items, products, employees and the environment of their store etc.


  • Visit any of the stores of Rite Aid and purchase some items.
  • After your purchase, you will get a receipt from them. Keep that with yourself and come back to your home.
  • Open up your computer and connect the internet.
  • Go at the website of rite aid store which is
  • From their homepage, open up the link for their store survey and click on it when you find it.
  • Enter the sixteen digit code that is asked from you by looking at your receipt.
  • Mention the type of items you purchased from them and the money you spent.
  • Also include the date and time if you remember or you can look at the receipt for this purpose.
  • Click the Start button to enter into their survey.
  • Tell them whether the services provided by them were good for you or they need any improvements.
  • Also inform whether you found all the relevant items which you needed or some were missing.
  • Give them information regarding your likeness about their employees. If they misbehaved with you, you can tell them directly.
  • Answer all the other questions very much honestly.
  • Provide your personal information and also your contact information to them for winning $ 1000 from their survey.
  • Accept all their terms and policies and click the Finish button.


By taking part in the survey you will get to win $ 1000. Even you improve their company greatly by giving your sincere comments and answers to them. They will surely improve themselves and you will see a great change in their company in your next visit.

About Company:

Rite aid store is a store where you get all the items and products related to your health. This drug store is one of the most popular one in whole of the United States. They also provide products related to beauty.