Thursday , 18 January 2018
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How To Get NetSpend Prepaid Card Activated Online?

NetSpend has been offering a great number of services for their customers. It also includes the prepaid Visa card offers. Secondly the MasterCard offer is also there. These are being issued through help of the Bancorp Bank. The other two banks involved in it are named as Inter National Bank, and the well-known MetaBank.These cards are especially suitable and highly beneficial especially for the male, female, old and young under banked customers. There as specified kind of applications being made for the prepaid debit card. If anyone requires it then they can get it. They don’t need to provide any credit check, none kind of the commitment, or any minimum balance issues will be faced. It is far different from the traditional bank account.

How To Activate The Card?

A question arises over here that you have a card of the NetSpend i.e. the prepaid debit card. Now how you would be able to activate it? What can be the procedure which you need to adopt? Let’s have a quick overview.

  • Access your computer having the internet connection.
  • Make handy your Netspend card.
  • Log on to their 
  • Now search for the option of ‘card activation’.
  • Here you will find a button named “Activate Card”. Just click on it.
  • Mention your card number.
  • Enter the CVV number here.
  • Click on the button named ‘continue’.
  • Keep on reading all of the information and complete it.
  • Activate your card and that’s it.


There might be hundreds of benefits. Whereas, the biggest benefit is that, you can use it over an unlimited number of locations. In order to do any purchases either offline or online purchases, you would be able to use it. If you want then you can easily make a reload of the money. This facility is conveniently available through the help of the local ATMs.

About NetSpend:

NetSpend has been serving the world from a longer period of time. It is basically a well-known American leading company. They are providing the reloadable cards. It includes the prepaid debit cards as the major product. Along with that there are some other relevant financial services being found here. It is a great way of giving a chance to the 7 million under banked people or the banking customers. Through it, they are able to do proper purchases and other daily billing activities.