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How To Access WalMart Pay Stub Online?

Among the list of the biggest employers in the United States, Walmart is included. In Mexico, U.S. and some other countries there are many stores working under the Walmart brand. If you are working at Walmart store then you are given the facility of online paycheck stub. You can keep a print form of this stub as a proof of your salary. The stub that you receive with your paycheck is very close to that given you online. The websites of associates of Walmart can also be visited for the stub just as they are used for viewing newsletter and other related benefits.


  •  Get the home page link at
  • On the home page, under the LOGIN button there are some white colored link given, one of them is “register”, click it.
  • Select a language that you can understand from the drop down menu, click on the yellow colored button “GO”.
  • Type your Walmart identification number, birth date, hire date in the given boxes.
  • A pass code is given with a field type it correctly in the related area.
  • Hit the button “SUBMIT”.
  • Enter your personal information including your email address, so you can get notifications through email.
  • Choose the security questions of your choice from drop down menu and answer them in the given fields.
  • Type your username and password which you will use for next time login.
  • Tick the checkbox after reading the terms for registration.
  • Login to your account and at the top menu bar, choose the option “PAYROLL” form the drop down menu with heading “MY MONEY”.
  • From the given calendar, click on the date. And the check for that date will be shown to your. You can also print it.


The online process is time saving and hence saving you from effort. The only need is to login after registering you on the site which is also a process of few minutes.

About Walmart:

The largest chain of departmental stores in United States is familiar with name of Walmart. On its stores products of any kind are available for customers. In the list of publically traded corporations it stands on third number through out the world. Sam Walton created Walmart in 1962 and it is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. It was started as a business that was family owned and still it is in the same condition with 9000 stores.