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Google Translate Tips & Tricks

The Google translate is the free arithmetical multilingual translation machine service offered by the Google incorporation in order to translate the written content from one language into the other. Earlier than the 2007, for the languages other than the Chinese, Russian, and Arabic, the Google utilized the translator based on SYSTRAN that is utilized by the other services of translation like the AOL, Babel Fish, and the Yahoo. The Google translate is the very simple, easy and single step method to solve the problems of translation. This has several of tools which you can utilize to translate the pages of the web and content into several of different languages. Here in this article you will find the step by step guide of how you can use the Google translates.


  • You must have the good computer system
  • High speed internet connection
  • Valid Google accounts

Step By Step Guide

  1. First of all you should log in to the Google or Gmail account, or make the new account if essential.
  2. Go to the
  3. Navigate to top of a page and then click on more links from menu of the drop down.
  4. Chick the Google translate from the new page
  5. Use the Google translates to make the sense of the foreign content to your own content in the other language.
  6. Type in your content in the box, by pasting from the program of word processing or typing this.
  7. Select the accurate languages from menus from drop down which are below a box.

Translate The Entire Pages

  1. Just enter the address of the site in a bar given on the home page of Google Translate, you must ensure to add the http://
  2. Select the languages from menus from drop down

Native Languages Translation

  1. You should click on a tab of the translated search and type in your terms of search.
  2. Choose the native language and also wanted search language.
  3. Click the button of translating and search.

Google Translate As The Dictionary Of Foreign Language

  1. You should click on a tab of dictionary and enter a word you would like to translate.
  2. Utilize the menu of pull down to select the terms of translation.