Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Go To Comcast XFINITY® X1 Triple Play For $89.99/Month

Comcast Corporation is a U.S based company which offers its customers broadcasting services for many shows and programs. This company maintains one of the top positions among the cable companies of the world. Comast has more than 20 million subscribers who use their services on regular basis and acquired another cable company AT & T Broadband by offering its assets by providing the amount of money of about $44.5 billion. This company has a specific division named Comcast Media Center where it offers a number of media related special services. In 2006, this company purchased a new software from a Seattle based company.


XFINITY provides its customers the ability to join their network at the price charges of 89.99 US Dollars per month. This deal can be taken by following the instructions given below:

  • Visit the web portal where this company offers its customers the ability to view all the services which is www.comcast.com/corporate/shop/productoverview.html?ex=False
  • Using this offer, customers will be able to receive the internet services of up to 50 Mega bytes per second, up to 140 television channels and voice calling over the country.
  • All these services are provided for 89.99 US Dollars per month only.
  • Customers can use their Visa credit cards to make payments. This offer is provided on the agreement of 2 years of agreement with the company.
  • You can use the “Add to cart” button to add this offer in your cart and shop for it.
  • You can also get further detailed view about this product by clicking the lower right link “Pricing and other info”.

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