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Getting Directions From Map Quest Route Planner

Hobbies is considered as an important part of one’s life. A hobby can be defined as anything that can be done at a leisurely time. Hobby is neither a job nor any compulsion. In fact, it is a thing which a person likes to do when he is alone. There are different types of hobbies, some are indoor and some are outdoors. Outdoor hobbies are mostly expensive and most of the time it will be sacrifice because of great cost. One of the most expensive hobbies that require to spend a lot of money is traveling. Travelling demand a lot of things to be considered, especially the place you want to travel. It is really important to have a background knowledge of the places you want to visit, especially the language spoken so you would not be lost. The good thing is, Mapquest Route Planner has worked hard to devise a map that keep you one step closer to your destination. Now you can get your destinations from the map quest by following simple guidelines.

  • Open your browser and on the navigation bar, write the following web address
  • Enter the starting place of where you are. Provide zip code, state, city
  • Next, write your destination address where you wish to travel. Provide zip code, state, city
  • Optimize your route by choosing the shortest distance, shortest time or allow the mapquests to suggest you a suitable route.
  • Choose the routes which you wish to avoid travelling.
  • Click on get directions.
  • A map will appear with the best directions for your travel.

About the company:
Mapquest is a free

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online mapping website of America. The company started its work in the year 1967. The company headquarters are located in Denver Colorado.