Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Virgin Mobile Allows You MMS Access

Mobiles are the most important part of the life. People receive messages, calls, play games, watching TV, browse internet, downloads different programs, AAPs and much more with a simple set. There are many companies in the world that offer virtual network of the communication services to provide flawless conversation to the wide range of the customers.

This is also come in the industry to solve the burning question of uninterrupted communication. But the thing that made them famous and becomes the cause of their rapid success is their low cost MMS that they have provided them over the internet by making an account over their official website. To download or save the pictures that you have receive at phone please see the following list of instructions.


  • In order to get benefited by the services of mobile you have to buy a mobile phone with active connection provided by the company’s mobiles.
  • Visit at getmessage.virginmobile.co.uk in your internet browser.
  • Write your number of phone provided by the company in the first text box.
  • After that you click at the enter button.
  • Write your code of 8-digits that you have got from the company as a number of your picture message.
  • After the successful submission of your mobile code picture message will download at the internet browser window.
  • You can also save that message in the memory card of your phone by clicking at www.virginmobile.com/vm/genericContent.do?contentId=setting.up.3g.gprs.howdoi.sm101
  • The site also provides the facility to download a picture message and send it into the email.


A number of benefits are waiting for you at this mobile. You can see the picture messages with full picture quality at your personal computer. You can also able to receive and send picture messages to your friends and family at lowest rate with these mobiles and via email. You can also enjoy fast, convenience and quality service with connection.

About Company:

It is a European company who start their work in 1999. According to a report they are the first company that offer virtual mobile phone network in the world. They offer mobile phone and broadband service. Above all this is the only company in the united Kingdom who offers lowest rate airtime round the glob.