Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Get Your Chase Credit Cards Benefit

Gone are the days when the people used to carry bundles of notes in their pocket. At that time, the person carrying them always had the fear of losing that money and afraid that someone might rob him. But now the advancements made in the various fields had out dated the concept of carrying the money while travelling. The world we see today is now dependent on plastic money. Plastic money is the new form of cash available in our era. It includes credit cards, debit cards, visa cards, and ATM cards. Now, whenever a person travel out from his home, he prefers carrying the card over money.

In a survey, almost every adult above 18 years old has a credit card with their own name to get points on it when shopping. These points can be later used for a much bigger profit. If you wish to have a credit card, apply now and login to Chase which gives you various offers on travelling and other bonus points, just follow simple steps below.


  • Open your browser and in the navigation bar, write the following web address creditcards.chase.com/?jp_aid_a=homepage/hero/failover
  • Click on “Learn More” button under Chase Sapphire Preferred card
  • Review terms and benefits of applying Chase Sapphire Preferred card.
  • Click on apply online.
  • Enter your personal details and click next.
  • On the next page, enter your financial details and click next to continue.
  • Next, type in your contact details and security information.
  • On the next page, add the additional required information.

About the company:
From September 7, 1799 to 1877 the bank was called as the Manhattan Company. In 1877 the bank name was again changed and until 1954 it was known as the Chase National Bank. The name of the bank again changed and later it is known as the Chase Manhattan bank. After its merge with Bank One Corporation, the bank headquartered in the state of Chicago. It offers more than 5,100 branches nationwide and 16,100 ATM’s.