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Get Toy R Us Credit Card To Apply Online

Toys R US. Inc is retailers of toys and products related to toys and gifts since 1957. The head office of R us Stores is located in Wayne, New Jersey, United States of America. The basic products in which this company deals include Toys, Clothing and Baby Products. This chain of stores covers more than over 2000 location with retail stores of R US and one stop franchises in those locations. This company also hosts different type of online stores website including, and This company has over 600 registered Stores in different countries across the globe and total number location this company is operating is 36.


Toys R US offers its customers the opportunity to register a card using the online portal for their shopping needs by following the steps below:

  • Visit the website where it offers its customers the opportunity to get this card that is
  • If you already have an account, click the “Manage account” button under the mentioned benefits of this card to go to the card settings.
  • To register yourself a new card, click the “Apply now” button under the title “Get a card!”.
  • Using this R Us credit card, you can get a discount of 15%, earn reward points on every shopping, and get rewards and other benefits.
  • Read the benefits offered by this credit card and click “Apply now” button again.
  • If you are already a member of this service, click the “Yes” button. Otherwise click the “No, please enroll me in rewards” button to get enrolled in this service.
  • Enter your rewards member number and fill the form for credit card.

Make a new account if you are not already enrolled by entering all the required details.