Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Get Moshi Monster Parents Account Membership

Moshi Monsters is an online web portal which is designed specifically for entertainment of children having an age ranging from 3 to 15 years. Using this website, players can make their own monster pet and enjoy the games.


Moshi Monsters official website can be accessed by the parents so that they may buy a membership using this website and enjoy the services offered by it. This membership can be bought as follows:

  • Open the official web link where this company offers its membership details. This website is
  • Under the title “What is moshi monsters?”, find a “Moshi membership” link colored green in the second line of the description.
  • In this window pane, customers have two options, they can activate their moshi monster membership card by clicking the respective link on right side of this website.
  • The second option is to join the membership portal by clicking the “Join” button on upper left side of this web page. This web page also has a video tutorial where customers can view the guide on moshi monsters.
  • You can use the code “MEMBER” for getting discount rates at the company’s different offers.
  • There are three types of memberships available on this portal which are
    1. One month membership for a price of $5.95/month
    2. 6 month membership for a price of $39.95/ 6 months
    3. 12 month membership for a price of $49.95/ year

The first two types of memberships can be cancelled at any time after registration while third type cannot be cancelled.

  • Select the payment method that is the visa mastercard or paypal account to make this payment.

Login to your moshi monster account or create a new account by clicking the “Get a monster now!” button at lower right corner.