Monday , 22 January 2018
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Get Broward Schools Virtual Counselor Student Login Access

Broward Schools has introduced to their students the most advanced way to contact their counselor for some much needed advice. Being able to consult a counselor without having to physically make an appointment, or show up to one, has a huge advantage for students looking to get a quick answer to their questions. Since many students lead busy lives, and may not be able to conduct business when counselors are available, it is the perfect substitute to get questions answered when you need them to be, instead of when a real counselor is available. It is available to students, parents and educational personnel.


Those who attend Broward Schools

You must be registered to use the site

You must have a valid ID to register to use the site

Internet connection via computer is necessary to use virtual counselor

How To Login?

  • From the main home page of Broward Schools Virtual Counselor Home Page
  • If you have not already registered, you will be guided to complete a new user login. The option will be located below the user ID and password box
  • Once you have registered, and obtained a valid login ID and password, you will be able to access the Virtual Counselor
  • After you login using your ID and password you will see a list of the student’s name that have access to the account. Select the proper one and press Go
  • You will then be guided to a calendar which will show you the specific information about the student who is logged in, including absences and times they were tardy
  • If you want to change the information that you are viewing use the tabs at the top to switch the pages you are viewing

Pros and Cons:

  • You are able to see pertinent information at any time day or night without the assistance of a real counselor
  • Gaining information and getting your questions at a moment’s notice without having to make a phone call is very convenient


Should you have a dispute to any of the information, you will have to contact the office for correction

The information available is limited, and for your overall counselor needs, you will still need to make an appointment

It is rudimentary and not very helpful for real interactive capabilities

The Virtual Counselor website is a useful tool to get quick information that you need. Although it could be more useful, it gives the students the tools to view things at an instant without ever having to make an appointment or to show up for one.