Sunday , 17 December 2017
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Get $5 Bonus Card On TGI Fridays E-Cards Purchase

Give one get some! Yes now can get $5 bonus card for free if you spend $25 on TGI Fridays gift card. Celebrate with delicious treat or let them enjoy a special treat at your favorite restaurant. Order e-card and email it to your friends within no time.

  • To shop card, just follow the link at
  • There will be a button marked “Send Gift Cards”. Click this button to begin the application.
  • First you need to upload your personal photo or choose a design from available options.
  • Personalize this card with your own message. Enter in your words in given box. Your message will be printed inside the card.
  • Select the amount to identify how much you would like to give. This amount will be loaded your card. Choose a value form available denomination or enter your own amount.
  • Select how you would like to deliver your e-gift card.
  • You have to provide recipient details in given online form.
  • Enter in recipient name and email address. Your card will be emailed directly to the inbox of the recipient on your selected data and time.
  • Choose delivery date and time. You can email your card immediately or later in future.
  • Click the button “Checkout” in order to proceed.
  • Next you need to provide billing and payment details
  • First enter purchaser email address. A confirmation email will be sent at this email address.
  • Next enter in billing information as given on cardholder’s credit card statement.
  • Enter in cardholder’s first name and last name, address, city, state and ZIP code, phone number and email address.
  • Next, choose payment option, if you choose to pay with your credit card, you will be asked to provide credit card information.
  • Complete all fields and submit your order.

A confirmation email will be sent to you. Recipient will get a surprise treat from you on opening email box. Turn their email box into a pleasant gift box.