Monday , 22 January 2018
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Funbrain Codes: Cheating In Games Good Or Bad?

Parents always want to have their children stay at one place and don’t burn their heads by making nuisance. At the same time, they want to see their children learning to whatever they are doing. To fulfill this need of parents, a team of charged teachers and researchers sit together and the result in This website is a collection of different informational yet attractive looking games which can help the children to play and learn while playing.

What Is At The Website?

This website is a combination of different games which are suitable for the children with age group from preschool to grade 8. There are more than 100 games which allow kid to play and learn Math, reading and language. Along with playing games, kids can read different kind of comic books which can keep the interest of the children intact. There are four main categories of games that are being offered i.e. Math, Reading, Fun and Playground.

There are different kinds of cheat codes available at the internet so that any kid can keep the lives of their playing game in hand and finishes the game on a winning note. These cheat codes help the child in learning different aspect of the game.

Advantages Of Having Codes:

  • Kid can have the lives of the playing game in hand for ever.
  • Kid can use these cheat codes to pass different levels of any game.
  • Kid always win at the end of the day giving and extreme level of happiness

Disadvantages Of Having Codes:

  • Diminishes level of competency
  • Removes sportsman spirit
  • Always try to seek a shortcut in everyday life
  • Level of learning decreases
  • Develop the habit of cheating among children


Games provide a healthy activity to the children. At children learn different things with every passing day and time. These attractive games are not liked by the children of younger age but also quite popular among elder ages. Different level of education is being provided with the help of these games. Children can learn from simple mathematics to complex ones from these math arcade games. Reading section is a must go area for every child so that they can enhance the reading abilities. Fun games are also available so that children if get tired of learning thing can have a go to these fun games.

Cheat codes are getting famous among children of younger to older age so that they can solve different mathematical calculations more easily. Although these codes provide a fun level but they reduces the learning abilities of children. Children find shortcuts to solve different levels of games to satisfy their hunger of winning.