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Create MyFTB Account At California Franchise Tax Board

The company provides you online facilities and services to ensure your handiness and ease. They require you to register first before availing any of these services. Once you have registered you can make your payments online, view and manage your Account and update your information online without facing much trouble. Not just the individuals but businesses can also get benefit from these services such as web pay and online Account for businesses. Tax professional can also keep a check of their clients account details but with his or her permission. The registration process is very easy that you can undergo online, requiring you to answer few questions, selecting a user name and password. You will have to change the password once a year although you may also change it anytime you want.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Your first step will be to visit the official website at through your internet web browser.
  • On the home page, you can see two options for “Login” and “Register” on the bottom of the page. If you do already have an account then you may access it by clicking on “Login”, otherwise you are supposed to click on the option for “Register” to create a new account.
  • Now you will be taken to a registration form that you have to fill out by providing all the required information including your complete name, your user name, your email ID etc.
  • Once you have given out all the details, click on “Continue” to proceed. Finish the process as directed and you will be able to access your own in a while.


  • You must have a compatible system and web browser.
  • Information that you may provide, should all be valid.

About Company:

The California Franchise Tax Board or known as FTB, being a part of the California State and Consumer Services Agency is responsible for collecting the income taxes of corporate as well as state personnel. Not just the tax programs, they are also accountable for several nontax programs and antisocial arrears functions. They run and provide most of their services through their official website, that they regularly maintain to make sure that you get the proper privacy and security which dealing online.