Monday , 22 January 2018
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Florida Lottery CASH 3 PlaySlip To Play

Cash 3 is the lottery of Florida and this is really very easy and simple. In this game you just select the numbers which you think these are lucky for you and play this the way. In this Florida lottery cash 3 you can win the top award of the five hundred dollars with the straight play and you can enhance the opportunities of winning with the combo, pairs, or box play. Several of the options to attempt, the cash three have the drawings daily. This is a game which you can play now and get reimbursed now.


  1. You must have the enough money for the ticket and if you want to buy more than one ticket then you should have the money for them accordingly
  2. You must be a legal citizen of Florida.
  3. You must be an adult citizen so that you can be considered responsible for your actions.
  4. If you are caught in trying to win the lottery by any illegal means then certainly you will be discarded from the scheme you can also get arrested or a case  can also be filed against you and you may end up being charged of heavy fine.
  5. You can play the CASH 3 lotto in seven ways.
  6. You can choose the timing of your draw that in which draw you would like to play because the CASH 3 lotto has two draws in a day. One in the morning and one in the evening.

Step By Step Procedure:

  1. Find the place where Florida Lotto is played. It can be a petrol pump. Grocery store, a lotto centre etc
  2. Purchase a Lottery Ticket for CASH 3 lotto and you can also purchase a CASH 3 ticket for minimum 50 cents which means that you don’t have to collect any special amount of money to take part in the lotto.
  3. Once you have purchased the play slip then fill the slip according to the requirement.
  4. There are five panels on the play slip and they are labeled from A to E.
  5. If you want to fill all the panels then you have to buy the separate slips for them.
  6. To fill a single panel you will see that each panel is having three columns. You have to select three digits to fill your column.
  7. Mark each column with a digit and you can select the digits from 0 to 9.
  8. If you are willing to play the front pair then you have to mention it and the lotto results will declare you the winner if the first two digits of the lucky dram number are similar to your pair regardless of the third number. Similarly you can also play the “Back pair” but you have to mention this on your lotto play slip.
  9. If you want to play for the morning draw then you will have to tick the box of “day” but if you want to play in the evening draw then click on the respected field which will be marked as “eve”. On the other hand there is also the option of “Both” and you can play for both but it will charge extra.
  10.    Present your play slip to the lottery retailer and he or she will issue you the printed ticket for your lotto.
  11. Once you get the printed ticket make sure that the numbers printed on the slip match the numbers you have given on the play slip because your retailer can cancel your ticket immediately but this act would become impossible once the sale of that lotto tickets gets closed.